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White Noise - An Infinity the Game Podcast

Jan 19, 2019

In Episode Sixty Five Ben is joined by Julian who hails from Melbourne.

The show gets off to a start with a narrative story from Canberra entitled "Get Rusty", written by Chris Johnson. 

Ben and Julian then do a faction focus on Vanilla Combined, discuss the use of TAGs in an ITS setting and answer some...

Jan 12, 2019

In Episode Sixty Four Ben is joined again by Gavin Bateman.

The shows starts with a narrative story from Matthew Devenish entitled "A Debt Repaid".

Ben and Gavin then discuss a number of topics including their Cancon preparation, playing from behind and the art of deployment.

If you would like to get in contact with Ben...

Jan 5, 2019

In Episode Sixty Three Ben and Marty are joined by Bart and David from their local meta.

The episode begins with a narrative story written by Richard Kerry entitled "Homecoming". 

The boys then recap a number of local tournaments and answer some listener e-mails. They also explore time management in tournaments and the...