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White Noise - An Infinity the Game Podcast

May 9, 2020

Episode 133 is a double-feature! Twice the interviews, twice the fun!

First up, Mike talks to LVO 2020’s tournament winner Clayton from Alberta, to discuss his con experience, conversions, and strategy with his Invincible Army.

Jenna then chats with Gena Sobolev, the now-infamous creator of the Shikami cosplay seen on WGC, about the creation process, materials, references, and time that went into it.

Show outline: Jenna and Mike introduction: Start - 3:54, Mike and Clayton (LVO winner): 3:59 - 1:46:39, Jenna and Mike interlude: 1:46:42 - 1:48:09, Jenna and Gena (Shikami Cosplayer): 1:48:16 - 3:15:21, Mike and Jenna outro: 3:15:22 - End

Songs used:

“Close” by Punch Deck

“New York Summer” by Generation Lost

“Melody” by I am Fowler

“Howling” by Cartoon(Ft. Asena) [NCS Release]

“Castle” by Clarx & Harddope [NCS Release]

“Just Do It (Make Your Dreams Come True)” [Ultimate Remix]


Clayton’s LVO lists (I.A.):

List 1


List 2



Links for Gena’s sites:

Gena’s instagram:

Gena’s song recommendation: “Tried and True” by Ween