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White Noise - An Infinity the Game Podcast

Aug 25, 2020

In Episode 148 Marty welcome Carlos Llauger Lorenzo (aka Bostria) back to the show!

Ben and Marty start off the episode and discuss some of their favourite reveals from N4 week.

Marty and Carlos then discuss Art in the world of Infinity and answer some listener questions.

Raffle tickets for the painted Invincible Army are still for sale ($10 AUD) and can be purchased via paypal by sending money (as a gift) to The final photos of the army should be up later this week. The raffle will be drawn on the 1st September and the winner will get their army delivered to them anywhere in the world in a Knights of Dice "Strike case".

Thanks as always to our generous Patrons at

Show Notes: Intro (Ben and Marty): Start – 14:30, Marty and Bostria: 14:30 – 1:44:20, Outro (Ben and Marty): 1:44:20 - End

Music used in the show includes:

  • “You know you want it” by Orkas
  • “Lie in the Sun” by Orkas
  • “Superstar” by Rex Banner
  • “Broken Radios” by Stanley Gurvich
  • “No Lie” by Niahn-ft-grp