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White Noise - An Infinity the Game Podcast

Jul 14, 2020

In Episode 143 Raymon is joined by long term friend Wieger Prins from the Netherlands.

The show starts with a narrative story from Joshua Hill entitled “Ikari Never Knock Twice”. Special thanks to Greg and “G” for their voice acting skills on this one.

Raymon and Wieger then look at rarely used rules in N3 and if they should be kept, changed or discarded going into N4.

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Show Notes: Narrative Story (“Ikari Never Knock Twice” by Joshua Hill): Start – 12:02, Intro (Ben): 12:02 – 14:56, Raymon and Wieger: 14:56 – End

Music used in the show includes:

  • “Camaro” by Oliver Michael
  • “Autumn Waves” by Rex Banner
  • “Five Spirals” by Ian Post
  • "Restabilized", "Signal in the Noise", and "Ethereal" by Punch Deck
  • Various sound effects from Bluezone, Halo 5, and Apex legends