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White Noise - An Infinity the Game Podcast

Jul 6, 2020

In Episode 142 Ben and Rob reunite!

The guys discuss what team tournaments could look like in a competitive ITS setting and finish by recapping their games against Kevin and Jacob from the Loss of Lieutenant podcast.

If you would like to check out the boys from the Loss of Lieutenant podcast you can find them on Facebook:

Rob’s army list: CwBgjAPgzCIQKgUwHYBcCGqCWA3RAbATwAIBhfdAZ0qwDMtEATYnMAOkgDYAmAUjCgDewAJwgArLwCEPfoKjCxAdmlhOvQerBhuADlWTBk4LpEqpUFVEv8wY6YI2PtS/VL4w+YEJzceQXj5uwMAaIbziIFDqUmAa4Pw+fBYK1graunwAAjbWKtoiyVCh1qEZChYlxba6FWD6gvraMNKcWiF84lC10qBhIPzcIMEDxQM6w72jfRMj/YOTMnE6rsJKwCpZwIbbg9wivFlAA===

Ben’s army list: JwBgbAPgzCIQIgewK4CMA2BTABAWQIYBOA1gM4C08h++6EAjPQKT1QCsA7E2yMABxMAhIxbsuPfkLCi2AJm4gOAFiFdWbKAr7NB09fJ4c2Q2WqgdNGiybPWrmwbOCij3emx2mXl8w73sDRWkAAXdRMGYPenlhFVYwEDdeIWN1SPABR0T46Q9ZGNlsqDBc6Jj6MzBLRmNg4KA

To view Rob’s match:

To view Ben’s match:

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Music used in the show includes:

  • “Reality of a Dream” by Itay Kashti
  • “A Big Adventure” by Fassounds