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White Noise - An Infinity the Game Podcast

Jun 16, 2020

In Episode 139 it’s time for more "Big Brain" time with Rob and Gav!

The episode starts with the third instalment of Judgement written by Jonathan Tucker.

Rob and Gav then focus on reactive play in the game of Infinity and answer some listener questions.

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Show Outline: Narrative Story (“Judgement Chapter 3”): Start – 10:07, Introduction and Announcements (Ben): 10:07 – 12:28, Rob and Gavin: 12:28 – End

Music used in the show includes:

  • “100 Seconds” by Punch Deck
  • “Moonlight (Japan)” by Hans Johnson
  • “Asian Dreams” by G-Yerro
  • “Bring it On” by Buzo
  • “Torch” by Katrina Stone
  • “Cheesecake” by Ian Post
  • “Show Out” by Theevs