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White Noise - An Infinity the Game Podcast

Apr 20, 2020

In Episode 130 Marty and Marc both welcome new guests to the show!

Marty has a chat to Mathew Owens and learns about Infinity the game in Japan.

Marc then has a chat to David Pereira from Busy Mind Collectibles. David discusses the design process for bringing the new Infinity sculptures to life and answers some listener questions.

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Show Outline: Introduction and Announcements (Ben and Marty): Start – 10:30, Marty and Mathew: 10:30 – 1:07:11, Bridging commentary (Marc and Jenna): 1:07:11 – 1:12:21, Marc and David: 1:12:21 – 1:58:48, Marc and Jenna (Outro): 1:58:48 – End

Music used in the show includes:

  • “Slow Energy” by Young Rich Pixies
  • “Taking Some Inspiration” by Stanley Gurvich
  • “Freedom” by Rex Banner
  • “Shout Out” by Theevs
  • “Malibu” by Boheme
  • “Sunglasses” by Rex Banner
  • “Leave the Garage” by I Am Fowler
  • “A Text Away” by Other World

If you’d like to check out Vaul SC’s league TTS final between Killerwales (YuJing) vs Dev (TAK) this will be played on Saturday 25 of April, around 7pm East Coast Australia time.

The Busy Mind Collectibles Kickstarter is now live and ends on April 28th. If you’d like to check it out please do so at: