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White Noise - An Infinity the Game Podcast

Mar 31, 2020

In Episode 127 we have an odd assortment of content!

The show starts with Ben and Marty recapping the recent Adepticon video and announcing their Tabletop Simulator Easter online tournament.

Ben is then joined by clinical psychologist Christian Hetebry to discuss COVID-19 and its impact on the wider hobby community.

The show finishes with Mike having a chat with Julian from the Enemy Spotted Wargaming YouTube channel.

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Show Outline: Introduction, Announcements and Adepticon Review (Ben and Marty): Start – 28:53, Ben and Christian (COVID-19): 28:53 – 1:13:09, Mike and Julian (NA2 and Enemy Spotted Wargaming YouTube channel): 1:13:09 – 2:09:43, Outro (Ben and Marty): 2:09:43 – End

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Music used in the show includes:

  • “Atlas” by Ethan Rank
  • “Underrated” by Fvmeless
  • “Cabana” by Peter Spacey
  • “El Monte” by Luke Melville
  • “On my Own” by Trent Thompson