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White Noise - An Infinity the Game Podcast

Nov 28, 2019

In Episode 109 Ben and Marty join forces and recap the South Perth Brawl.

The show gets off to a start with a narrative story from Paulo Andrade entitled “The Empress”.  

Ben and Marty also cover some event announcements and listener e-mails before handing over to JT and Michael for another A! segment.

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If you want to check out Don’s event “Through the Breach” please use the following link:

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Trent’s write up of the SPB can be found at:


Show Outline

Narrative Story (Jenna and Bryant): Start – 13:48

Introduction and Announcements (Ben and Marty): 13:48 – 31:14

South Perth Brawl Recap: 31:14 – 1:20:54

JT and Michael A! Segment: 1:20:54 – 1:58:46

Ben and Marty Outro: 1:58:46 – End


Credits to some of the music in this episode are shown below:

"The Night Shift" and " Elegance in Simplicity" by Punch Deck:

Various sound effects and ambient noise from Zapsplat and AllSounds.