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White Noise - An Infinity the Game Podcast

Nov 5, 2019

In Episode 106 Mike welcomes travelling Warcor and Haqqislam enthusiast Lee Shirk to the show!

The episode starts with Ben and Marty announcing some recent raffle, contest and Patreon winners.

Mike and Lee then discuss growing your attendance at weekly gatherings, prize support and thinking outside the box to cultivate the infinity experience on all levels.

Following this chat Josh and Michael return with another A! segment focusing on the scenario “Capture the Flag”. 

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Thanks as always to our generous Patrons at

Sponsors that Mike and Lee discuss during the show include The Broken Token, Global Evil Corp, Shiv Games, Badger Air-Brush Company, TTCombat, PrinTerrain, Armorcast, Battlefield Terrain/Gin Fritter, Gnomish Workshop, Undisputed Belts, Warsenal,, Black Maria Designs, Micro Art Studio, Enemy Spotted Wargaming, Kiss Me Deadly, GamestodieFor, Indianapolis Toledo Game Room, The/Studio Alessi and Laser Creations.

Show Outline: Ben and Marty Introduction: Start – 9:55, Mike and Lee: 9:55 – 1:11:10, Josh and Michael: 1:11:10 - 1:35:42, Ben and Marty Outro: 1:35:42 – End