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White Noise - An Infinity the Game Podcast

Oct 9, 2019

In Episode 101 Marty is joined by past Interplanetario winner Tom Tu who hails from France.

The show gets off to a start with a narrative story from MH Questus entitled “Infinity Origins V2”.

Marty and Tom then discuss all things Merovingia.

The A! team (Josh and Michael) finish off the episode with another Aristeia segment, this time focusing on hobby aspects within the game.

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Movie titles discussed in the Gauntlet include:

Les tontons flingueurs

OSS 117

Asterix and Obelix Mission Cleopatra

Show Outline: Narrative Story: Start – 7:03, Introduction and Announcements: 7:03 – 9:13, Marty and Tom: 9:13 – 2:24:07, Josh and Michael: 2:24:07 – 2:57:26, Outro: – 2:57:26 - End