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White Noise - An Infinity the Game Podcast

Jun 12, 2018

In Episode Thirty Four Marty is joined by Plebian, an experienced Infinity player from New England in the United States.

After the guest interview Ben and Marty discuss how they fared at some recent local tournaments, before finishing by reviewing the Heckler profile. 

If you'd like to get in contact with Ben and Marty...

Jun 6, 2018

In Episode Thirty Three Ben is joined by Rob Neal from the Totally Crit Podcast in the UK. 

The episodes starts with Rob chatting to Ben about all things Tohaa. 

Rob then shares his thoughts on Haqqislam, Starco and Ikari, before the episode finishes with the guys passionately debating who has the superior podcast!


Jun 1, 2018

In Episode Thirty Two Ben is joined by Gavin "Cuddly Bear" Bateman to discuss all things USAriadna Ranger Force.

The show starts with a narrative story from Arnd Felten and Gavin answers a number of listener e-mails during the episode as well. 

If you'd like get in contact with Ben and Marty please drop them a line at